Personalized training
Personalized training is received during all classes whether or not it’s in house or online. Each exercise is designed and executed at your specific level of fitness. As you gain strength and endurance, weight and movement are added to progress you to the next level of fitness. Focus is on form and function

Event Prep
Are you a weekend warrior? Do you like running or other weekend sports or games? How is your golf swing? Terri provides programming to help you prepare for events/games as well as preparing your body for accident prevention and speedy recovery for your next adventure

1 Hour Lunch Shops
Monthly lunch shops; one topic per month for a full year geared towards a healthier, happier, more productive work force. Workshops last 40 minutes followed by a 20 minute Q&A.;

30 minute Destressors
30 minutes of light cardio and stretching. Re-energizing the body for a strong second half of the day. Better posture and energy will reduce low back pain, headaches, neck and hand problems.

Specialty Seminars
We can tailor topics to your group needs. A list of a few of our most popular: • No more Low-Back Pain • Need more time or energy: – Boost your energy with these proven methods • Stress Relief – Easy to use tips and tools to achieve balance and relieve tension • Reverse the Clock – anti-aging tips and ideas for any level of fitness, how to implement into a normal lifestyle • Carpal Tunnel, headache and backache, Oh My • I need 10 minute workouts • Fighting Heart Disease • Injury Prevention through stretching and balance • Don’t Put on Your Winter Coat – Tips and tools to avoid holiday weight gain

Wellness and Education
Well over 70% of our society chooses a sedentary lifestyle and poor daily nutrition. The results are degenerative chronic diseases that bring disability, premature death, and a drain on business profits. Group Wellness Programs are designed with your members in mind. Every group has different needs, together we create wellness programming that your members will want to utilize. Increase the bottom dollar and decrease sickness within the group in 1 year. Your key leaders are among these future heart attacks, strokes, type 2 Diabetes, and some cancers. Groups are leaner, healthier, and more productive when efficient on-site exercise, health workshops and at home nutrition is part of their group wellness program.

Life moves so quickly that sometimes our body decides it is time to slow down. When that happens, it is time to take stock in how we live our lives. Take the time to recuperate and work through all therapy that is needed. After therapy, is when the real fun begins. Terri Fox Fitness is an expert in helping bodies to reconnect and work properly

Group Training
All classes at Terri Fox Fitness are designed as group training. Every person works the exercises in a manner appropriate to their fitness level. We support each other on our journey’s and inspire each other to reach a little higher.

Nutritional Guidance
The key to optimum health is through nutrition. Proper nutrition changes the body at the cellular level. Your body has no choice but to respond to proper nutrition feeding your cells.