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  • Cinco de Mayo Race

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  • 2014 Warrior Dash

    Terri Fox and client!
  • All fitness levels are welcome in every class.

Fitness solutions designed around your life.

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Personalized Training

Expert programming for adults over 40. Strength, flexibility, balance and endurance to keep you strong throughout life!

Group Training

Personalized training in small groups for support and encouragement.

Event Prep

Weekend warrior, runner or corporate wellness lover? Prepare and train for great results and fast recovery.

Nutrition Guidance

You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Learn lifestyle changes to enhance your workouts and your life for better health.


Just because you finished therapy doesn't mean your work is done. It's just beginning. Learn how to build a better body for life.

Wellness / Education

Need answers for all things healthy and wellness? Baffled by all the trainers, programming and food information? Get real answers for your life here.

About Terri Fox Fitness

Terri Fox Fitness Fitness over 40 is different from the bodies of 20. Terri Fox Fitness Fitness Center thrives on the individualization within the group. Every person over 40 usually has difficulties in some joints, low back pain and other issues that must be handled. As a fitness instructor over 40, and a special education teacher for 20 years that has worked extensively with physical and occupational therapists, Terri has the knowledge to strengthen the areas that currently are weak. Fitness over 40 requires a more personal training approach without the high cost of personal training. You get the best of both worlds once you enter the fitness studio.

Why Choose Terri Fox Fitness?

  • Fitness goals:

    We work with individuals within a class setting to reach your fitness goals. At your fitness center, you will lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, gain endurance, flexibility, balance and self-esteem. You will look good in your clothes and will add friendships and support to help you along your journey to health. You will gather proper nutritional habits to support your new exercise program and assist you in your weight loss. Terri Fox Fitness is not a one size-fits all program. Each individual in the fitness center receives personalized attention to form and proper weight use.
  • Special populations and programs:

    Terri Fox Fitness Studio specializes in corporate wellness programming for your employees. Consults are designed to meet your companies needs. Lunch and learns, workshops, team building, and fitness classes are just a few types of programming available at your fitness center. We also offer senior living classes that utilize resistance bands to build strength and gain balance and flexibility. Children’s and high school students are also welcome. When considering the complete individualized attention you get and the small class setting, the price, is unbeatable. Many hours, view schedule tab, are available for your convenience Combine that with the support of other members and monthly outings and you have a full package guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Massage

    Inside Terri Fox Fitness, you will find Victoria Lu. Received her certification from Wellspring School of Allied Health and uses many different massage techniques to work out the tension in your body. Her direct line is 913-220-5765.

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